Thursday, January 1, 2009

[What's What With the Walkers] Ready or not...

Just 9 days now till we leave all the snow and cold of Michigan for the milder climates of Papua New Guinea.  Our days lately have been a whirlwind of family parties, getting together with friends, and packing.  We have one last trip to make to northern Wisconsin this coming weekend, and then not quite a week left of finishing up packing and cleaning.  Sunday, Jan. 11 we plan to have one last time of worship with our sending church before we pile in the van to head to Chicago to catch our flight out at 8:30 that night.  We arrive at our destination on Wed., Jan. 14 around 10:30 in the morning (provided all goes well).  No matter how you do the math (we do lose a day in going), it's a long trip!  We covet your prayers as we now make this trip with three kids in tow!
Our Support Is At 90%
We received a phone call this evening from some friends, informing us that their family has decided to join our team of financial supporters!  Their commitment places us at the 90% thresh mark!  We are so excited with all the Lord is doing through people like you.  Our faith has grown in many ways this last year, and now that extra 10% to make it 100 seems like nothing!  Our God is a big God, and His will WILL be accomplished.  And floundering economies, changing administrations, and unseen futures cannot hold Him back!  Jehovah Jirah!!
Until We Meet Again
The relationships that have been nurtured during our time in the states, some old and some new, will go with us to our "other home" across the sea.  Thank you for those of you who have taken the time to befriend us, care for our children, love us, cry with us, hug us, mentor us, be honest with us, laugh with us, and pray with us.  We are stronger because of what God has done in us through you.  We excitedly, and with great expectations, look forward to not only 2009, but the years to come beyond that as well.  Thanks again!

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this e-mail, your message will be redirected to us.


Chris and Angie Walker
Sent out by Calvary Church of Wayland Mi, to serve with
New Tribes Mission
planting churches among the Mibu People of
Papua New Guinea.

Business address:
Chris & Angie Walker
New Tribes Mission
1000 East 1st st.
Sanford, FL  32771

Home Address:
Chris & Angie Walker
1134 - 122nd Ave
Martin, Mi 49070

Field Address:
Chris & Angie Walker
New Tribes Mission
Private Mail Bag
Madang MP 511
Papua New Guinea

Important Family Dates.
Titus 03/21/08, Baruch 09/08/04 Jael 02/24/01 Walker Anniversary 06/21/96 Chris 03/25/76 Angie 08/12/77

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